Our School SENCO is: Mrs. Amanda Wooldridge 

St John Vianney provides an accessible school environment. There is a disabled toilet and every effort is made to accommodate disabled and able visitors. There is a lift available if visitors are unable to use the stairs.

There is a car park in close proximity to school with two allocated disabled parking spaces and we will continue to make reasonable adjustments to avoid people who would find parking further away challenging being placed at any disadvantage.

SEN Documents

Blackpool SEND Local Offer
Updated: 28/11/2018 57 KB
SEND Policy
Updated: 08/01/2018 448 KB
Accessibility Plan
Updated: 10/01/2018 483 KB
SEND Local Offer
Updated: 13/03/2018 364 KB
This Local Offer shows our school's inclusive nature and defines the good practice supporting children with Special Educational Needs to achieve their full potential. This Local Offer will be reviewed and revised as necessary.