Changes to Bookings for After School Club, Breakfast Club and Holiday Club

1 September 2017

From September 2017 you will be able to book or cancel Breakfast club, After School club and Holiday club sessions through your Parentpay account without having to complete any forms or by contacting the school office.  This will mean that you have full control of your child’s bookings and can clearly see the sessions booked, and make any amendments necessary in good time and at your own convenience.

As is the case currently, bookings and cancellations will not be accepted without 24 hours’ notice.  This is because staffing is arranged in advance and we need to ensure that we have enough staff to cover the number of children booked in.

We have always requested that payment for bookings was made in advance in order to ensure that debts do not build up.  The new booking system works in the same way so please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your Parentpay account or make an immediate payment in order to allow the booking to go through successfully.  If payment is not received before logging out of your account, the booking will be automatically cancelled.  Whilst you are able to book 100 days in advance, please remember that the system will expect payment for whatever you choose to book in one go so, for example, you would need to make sure you have £650 in your account if you are wanting to book 100 days’ worth of After School club!  Any sessions that you cancel before 24 hours of your original booking will be credited back to your Parentpay account where it can be used towards further bookings, other payment items or refunded to your bank account.