Year of Mercy

5 September 2016

Holy Year of Mercy

The Jubilee Year of Mercy began on December 8, 2015 and will close on November 20, 2016, the feast of Christ the King. 

Pope Francis announced this jubilee year so that all can receive a blessing and pardon from God. The Holy Year of Mercy celebrates being a witness of mercy and invites us all to follow the example of God as merciful, forgiving and loving followers. Mercy is acts of love by which we care for the bodily and spiritual needs of others. Being merciful frequently includes forgiveness of others, just as God the Father demonstrates forgiveness of our sins through love. During Lent the children have been looking at:-

Corporal Acts of Mercy

  • To feed the hungry
  • To give drink to the thirsty
  • To clothe the naked
  • To shelter the homeless
  • To Visit the sick
  • To visit the imprisoned
  • To bury the dead

In term, the children will look at Mercy parables, as well as study a Saint in detail. The climax of our Year of Mercy will be when the Pilgrim statue arrives at our school on Monday 10th October, when the children will celebrate the

Spiritual Acts of Mercy

To instruct the ignorant- Learn about our faith and be open to talking with others about our beliefs.  There is always something more to discover about our faith.

To counsel the doubtful- Everyone has moments of doubt in their faith journey.  Nevertheless, we should always remember that Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and turn to him along our way.

To admonish sinners- Do not judge, but be supportive in helping others find their way and correct their mistakes.  Together we can learn to walk more closely with Christ

To bear wrongs patiently- Do not be bitter about wrongs done against you.  Place your hope in God so that you can endure the troubles of this world and face them with a compassionate spirit. 

To forgive offences willingly- Forgiving others is difficult at times because we do not have God's limitless mercy and compassion.  But Jesus teaches us that we should forgive as God forgives, relying on him to help us show others the mercy of God

To comfort the afflicted/sorrowful- Be open to listening and comforting those who are dealing with grief.  Even if we aren't sure of the right words to say, our presence can make a big difference.

To pray for the living and the dead- Prayer is one of the most powerful ways we can support others.  Joining together in prayer for the living and the dead entrusts us all into God's care.