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Year 5 Curriculum Autumn
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Welcome to Spring 2nd term!


Welcome back Year 5! We hope you enjoyed a restful half term break. We are now past the half way stage of this year, but don’t worry as there’s plenty more exciting learning opportunities to look forward to this half term…


This half term we will be looking at formal and informal methods of multiplication and division. We will be practising multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. Also, we will be investigating prime numbers, factors and statistics. We will be using Times Tables Rockstars as an ICT based programme to help us to improve our rapid recall of these facts. See if you can improve your Rock speed.



This half term we will be continuing our fantastic class reader: Time Travelling with a Hamster. So far we have thoroughly enjoyed this story and we can’t wait to find out how it finishes! Our writing will focus on varying sentence constructions for impact, using higher level punctuation such as semi colons and dashes and striving for ambitious vocabulary. We will also be delving into the world of poetry, including looking at Haikus in our first week back.


This half term we will be continuing our work on the Earth and beyond. We will researching about the different planets in our solar system and working out exactly what makes a day and a year. Also we will be investigating how our seasons change and the number of daylight hours we have changes according to the earth’s orbit of the sun.



In the Spring 2nd term our topic is geography based looking at our footprint on the world. We will be examining some of the main threats to the health of our planet and some of the possible solutions to these.


This half term in RE we will be looking at some of the key events in the life of Jesus, beginning with His temptation in the desert, leading onto our work on Lent. During Holy Week, we will consider the events leading up to Jesus’ death on the cross. Also, the children will be planning and sharing their own class worships too.

Please continue to hear your child read at home each night for 10 minutes and sign their reading record. Daily times table and division facts practise is also very important. Times Tables Rockstars is a great way to help this and can be found at